Friday, September 28, 2012

Life Is Meant To Be Shared

From the time we are very small we know that one plus one is two. But when the right people come together, one plus one is actually more than two. Much more.
We are not made to go through life alone. Everything about us is designed to become stronger, happier, and more fulfilled when we have found our love, our partner, 
our matching puzzle piece.
The miracle is that sharing life actually makes life bigger. The arthmetic is magic. Real love always adds, it never subtracts. With love, we doubleour joys, divide our worries, and multiply our possibilities for a life of meaning, romance and adventure.
Yes, life was meant to be shared. Its not what we have in our life, but who we have in our life that counts. If you have found love, you have been given life's greatest gift. How will you celebrate it? How will you use it to grow?
How will you create something beautiful together?

*thank you Charlotte for reading this so beautifully at our wedding.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Post-Wedding Fall Goals

because I love lists.

unplug from unnecessary technology (was SO relaxing to not have phone on for ENTIRE honeymoon. no texts, calls, facebook, twitter, even blogs...)

nest. make my little home well, homey-er.  (should be easy with so many lovely wedding gifts!)

turn off the tv. read, write, go outside.

cook more. and healthier. (because I'm a wife now).

The Wedding

I swear I will take some time to write about the wedding & honeymoon soon, but life comes back at your full force, and I am swamped.

All I will say is that it was the most beautiful, incredible, perfect, love-filled day. Absolute bliss.

Oh, and the honeymoon was fantastic ;-)

But here is a Sneak peek: father/daughter dance