Friday, December 23, 2011

The Best Girls

Well, gosh darn it. They got me.

Meg & Dana had asked to take me out for a "maid of honor" Christmas dinner on the Wednesday before Christmas, which I thought was so sweet. We planned to go to one of my favorite places downtown, Silvertone. I was so excited - I bought little angel ornaments for them (and one for me) so we would all have a special ornament to remember the dinner by.

I was a bit suspicious that Meghan had SOMETHING up her sleeve (she usually does), but nothing seemed up. I couldn't think of what the "surprise" part would have been, so I figured it was just the three girls for a nice dinner to celebrate my last Christmas as a "single" woman.

I picked up Dana after work, and we drove to get Meg. She drove my car since I was tired of driving from having to go all over the place for work that day. She was texting a lot, which I thought was weird, but I thought nothing of it. We walked through downtown (which was adorably decorated for Christmas, but still felt strange - it was 60 degrees out!) and got to Silvertone. Silvertone is below ground level, so I walked down the stairs...

and was greeted by 2 of my bridesmaids, Jessica & Jackie B, who I haven't seen in 2 YEARS! I knew she was in Boston, but thought I was going to try & see her on Friday (I had chatted with her online THAT DAY!). Wow. What an AWESOME surprise!!!

So we hugged, chatted, caught up, laughed, ordered prosecco & cocktails, yummy food - it was a great night. No, it was an AMAZING night. Because not only was it special to have everyone there (and for everyone to finally meet Jackie, who lives in CO now), but we all got along, and had an AMAZING time. (Not that I had a doubt we would get along - we MORE than got along. We enjoyed each other & had a blast.)

I really don't know how a girl can get this lucky.

(Disclaimer: Jackie A & Jenn couldn't make it - but they were missed! I'm sure there will be many more fun times to come :-)

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