Monday, February 6, 2012


Oh heeeeeey there! :-) Here is a shot from our "save the date" photo shoot that my mom took. This isn't the one we chose for save the dates, but it was a favorite of ours!
We've gotten a lot done recently, which makes everything feel that much closer! I can't wait to share everything with our family & friends. One of the things I look forward to most is all of my beantown friends meeting our Nebraska friends - I am really excited for the Nebraskans to have a Boston trip!

Honeymoon - booked, we are going to Aruba! SO excited. We did this fun thing called a honeyfund where we researched things we wanted to do on our honeymoon and registered for them! It got us really excited for a week of paradise :-) Can't wait!

Invites - ordered! They are lovely. Teared up when choosing the text :-)

Crafts - begun. I don't want to spoil everything, but Meg, Dana & I have been attempting this.....

Bridesmaid dresses - chosen! I think I want to keep them a surprise for a bit longer on here... but I will give you a hint: cowboy boots.

Wedding bands - we ordered Tyler's & got it engraved - we got it via an amazing deal on - its an adorable deal site unlike ANY other you've seen - promise.

I swear I will sit down and write more soon. I get a bit overwhelmed when I do too many wedding-related things in one weekend, so i think I need a breather, and then I'll be back.

Be sure to check out my wedding board on pinterest for lots of fun ideas I'm thinking of... :-)

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