Friday, March 1, 2013

heureux de la vie

Disclaimer: I am feeling really good today. This is a cheesy post. Most of my posts are, but today feels extra cheesy. Sometimes cheese is annoying, so.. you've been warned. :-)

10 days until daylight savings. When I leave work, it will be light out. I'll drive home and I won't MIND the time spent in traffic, because the windows will be rolled down, the sun will be shining, and the country tunes will be blasting. My call home to Tyler won't be just "what should we have for dinner? how was your day?" but "what should we DO tonight?" Yes. Pumped.

Things lately are so... hopeful. Exciting. I can't think of the right word... anticipatory? I don't know. We are married. We are married and things DO feel different (we've been together 7 years and lived together for 6, so we both figured, what's left to change?). We filed our taxed JOINTLY last night. We are learning & growing & thinking about our future & making small, careful, grown up plans. We are allowing ourselves to think of & imagine the wonderful, big, happy, exciting, thrilling, ever-changing life that is before us. To not limit our possibilities with fear - but to educate ourselves on things we are afraid of. We know that when we leap, the net will appear. 

And then... as soon as we start allowing ourselves to think, to get excited about things, somehow things magically start to fall together. Is that how you know you are on the right path? Or is this something we are manifesting ourselves? Either way, we are plowing ahead fearlessly (well, that's a lie - not fearlessly. But you can be afraid and brave at the same time, right? That's what being brave is.) and are just EXCITED about life.

*whoa, another disclaimer. not talking about anything really specific in this post. like, not trying to get preggo or anything right now, if that's what you thought. just a vague, overall excitement about future. that's all. and that's enough.

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