Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Hah. It's been awhile. Not that I even HAD blogging mojo, but if I did, I am sure loosing it. This articulates that pretty accurately.  Also, I can't bring myself to "write like I'm at a tea party with grandmas" - all, "hello sweet friends" and the sort. I've been know to call Tyler just "husband", and that's as far as I'll get. 

But here are some updates.

  • Been babysitting a ton - a family friend has 3 grandkids all under 4 and I'm obsessed with them all. Lately I've been with the youngest a lot, and we have totally bonded. I'm in love. We had a long day of hot weather, locked doors & no PJs, but through a stressful situation we had the sweetest, sweetest time together.  

  • Father's day was excellent. I had my dad the whole day - which of course stressed me out a bit attempting to plan the perfect day. We had brunch at Back Bay Social Club, walked around Newbury St., then headed to my apartment. We watched Sophie Scholl on my tiny kindle, and then headed to Marina Bay for drinks & apps on the water with my brother. We ended up staying & hearing this blues and that was playing, which was unexpected and really fun.

  • I've been to two concerts so far this summer - countryfest w/Florida Georgia line & Luke Bryant (which I worked at) and Rascal Flatts. Quintessential summer nights - lime-y beer, country music, cutoff shorts, tailgating...

  • Dana has been getting me to go to the gym with her 3-4 times a week. I feel like I have way more energy when I go, and it's been so nice getting to see her on a regular basis.
  •  The beautiful Ashti's bridal shower was filled with love & excitement - we are SO looking forward to their wedding! (I get to wear a sari! They have convinced me that I won't look lame. We shall see...)
  • Had a great Sunday Funday in Ogunquit with Jess & Eric and the puppydogs - although the 95 degree weather in Boston did not translate to Maine weather. It was 70 and drizzly! Naturally, we took a trolley and holed up at Barnacle Billy's where we wolfed down 4 lobster rolls & 10 rum punches, or "rum drunks" as Tyler was calling them. (Tyler also ordered a side of sunshine...) After all of those drinks, the sun came out, and we walked back to the beach, jumped in the FREEZING ocean, and headed back to Eric's parents place. We set up at the beach, where the boys played ladder golf while the thunder rolled in the background. Jess & I snuggled up in towels while we screamed every time the lighting hit - aren't you NOT supposed to be on the beach when there is lightning?! ... We made it back JUST before it downpoured. 

  • I've somehow convinced Tyler to start GRILLING!! We got supplies and drinks and sat at the picnic table in our complex while we grilled steaks & salmon. It was delicious, and relaxing. I'm hoping summer nights include a lot more of this. Also spent a lovely summer night on the Luciano/Alario roofdeck - what a frat house THAT place is. (NOT. Jess made a gorg spread, & we sipped "peeny greegy" and gossiped all night. Awesomesauce.)

  • The big event of the summer so far was Noel's wedding - whoa. It was Gatsby themed, and I acted as the LIVE CARD TABLE during cocktail hour. No joke. It got a little touchy, but thankfully Tyler was there to help (& to tell old men "paws off"). SUCH a fun night - the food, decor, music, everything was amazing - but what makes a wedding perfect is the people, and gosh, this was full of the good ones. I cried during all of the speeches & was so emotional... probably since this was the first wedding we've attended since our own!

Future summer plans include an INSANELY patriotic July 4th (just wait), a trip to Chatham with Mom's side, then a week in Sandwich with Dad's side. We're also trying to think of romantic/drivable weekend places to celebrate our 1st anniversary (boy did THAT go by fast!) . Hope everyone is staying cool & enjoying a frosty cold beverage :-)

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