Friday, September 20, 2013

Links I'm frantically forwarding around today.

I'm raising money for Breast Cancer & walking 5 miles on Oct. 6th. You can donate here. This has (unfortunately, and recently,) touched closer to home as of late. Any amount helps.

Really fun fall nail polish colors. Now I want a mani/pedi. 

My hair is no longer long enough for this, but I can't wait to try it when it is. What a great ponytail! (Dana! This would work for you!)

For those of you looking for a new birth control to try...

This made me ugly cry at work. If you have a dog... you've been warned. (Also, I can't keep seeing that news story of the tortured puppy they found 5 miles from my house. The puppy didn't make it, and they are looking for the person who could do such a horrible thing. Literally makes me sick to my stomach. And I am using the word literally... literally.)

I friggen love sassy two year olds. 

Speaking of sassy... 

I just recently bought Glennon's book, and I am LOVING it. She is so real. I'm a highlighting fiend. Check out her most recent post here. 

Kelle Hampton is my fave. She is many people's faves. That's OK, I'll share. (Not gonna lie, when she retweets/responds to me, I do a little happy dance.) Sometimes she writes something that I need to hear, sometimes she writes something I've been hearing already. This post came at a perfect time.

 Happy Friday.


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