Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween weekend

We didn't do much for Halloween this weekend - but we DID have my dad & Carolyn over for dinner & to see our new apartment!! We are really proud of our new place, so I was looking forward to this alot.
the boys playing wii & me clearing snacks before dinner!
 I set out some snacks, but the real treat was what I made for dinner. I know I cook a lot, but when I knew I was having "company" I could not for the life of me think of what to make! My favorite things to make are soups, but I knew my dad wouldn't want to just have soup for dinner. So, I made engagement chicken, roasted potatoes, butternut squash, sweet potatoes & carrots, and Kim's corn casserole.

It all turned out pretty good! Next time I would have attempted mashed potatoes & gravy, but I can never get my mashed potatoes perfect...

Ebony REALLY wanted some...

I also made "Dead Brownies" for dessert, which were a hit! And Carolyn brought some delicious and ADORABLE cookies from The Danish Pastry House

It was a really fun night.

In wedding news, we've booked our DJ! We are so excited to have Chris from Next Level Entertainment for our big day - he seems like the perfect fit for us. 80s, country, party jams - yahoo!!
My mom & I also ordered our save the dates! They are going to be super sweet - I told my mom I felt like a "bridal princess" at An Elegant Affair, with both consultants showing me different bridal books filled with designs & fonts. It was overwhelming - in a good way. Next, we are looking for a photographer, JOP, and florist. Sigh... lots to do. I know it's going to start getting overwhelming (and expensive) so I hope I can step back once and awhile and remember what this is all about.

Anyone have any HONEYMOON reccomendations?! I think we are going to go to a travel agent.

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