Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Obligatory Thankful Thanksgiving Post

... but I am feeling particularly thankful this year. And I love this holiday - no gifts, and other than black friday (oh, the joys of living by walmart... not!), not much commercialization. Just family, friends, and reflection.

We had a great time at my moms this year... a very LOUD great time. And my Dad sends me little texts throughout the day "are you full?" or "santa came!... oh wait" to let me know he's thinking of us... I'm not sure if he knows, but I always feel a twinge of sadness on holidays that I'm not with one parent or the other, and his texts sure make me feel better about it all.

The night after turkey day Tyler & I went and saw the Trans Siberian Orchestra - holy moly, it was AMAZING! Completely surpassed our expectations. The lights, the music, the talent! SO much fun, I hope this turns into an annual thing! We even got to meet them & get autographs afterwards. 

So, to put out into the universe that I am oh-so-thankful for my blessings, here is a list.

  • Friends: I am thankful to have each & every friend in my life. You mean more to me than you know, because I no longer let in people who aren't good for me. So thank you for being you, and for teaching me how to be a better friend.
  • Family: Oh the crazys. I wouldn't be who I am without my extremely diverse family, and for them, I am thankful.
  • Ebony: I am thankful for the sweetest little thing on four legs who knows exactly how to snuggle when I'm sad.
  • Our home: I am thankful for warmth, security, and that the tiniest spots can be "home" to us.
  • Our health: I am oh so thankful for heath into the new year.
  • Tyler: My favorite Thanksgiving thankfulness: to my husband-to-be (280 days!), a day does not go by that I am not thankful for you.
Happy Thanksgiving, and let the Christmas countdown begin!!!

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