Friday, April 27, 2012


Because it's Friday, and I can't form coherent thoughts of my own. And these are pretty freakin' awesome.

Because Molly Said So - Lame Quotes : Because not only is this chick hilarious and always right, but it made me check my facebook profile quotes & reevaluate what they say about me.

Young Divorce - Because everyone should have that carousel feeling with their husband.

I Am Blessed - Because nothing defines me & the people I care about most more than the words in this post.

Enjoying the small things  - Because she is my hero.

Hilarious - Because it is HILARIOUS. Beware, you will waste away hours on this site.

Z Gallerie - Because there isn't one around here, but that is what online shopping is for.

And finally, this:

just because.

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