Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Little Gifts

Started this post completely differently, but I think it's important for me to try & hop back on the positive train, so here are some little gifts I received today that (should) make me cheer up.

  • 25 thank-you notes from the Patriots Cheerleaders. I read them all, and hang them around my office.
  • my afternoon latte & biscotti
  • the remote-controlled helicopter my boss brought down for us to play with at the end of the day
  • "having" to test nail polish colors & trends at work

  • a new real simple magazine to read

  • a new recipe i found online today that I have all of the ingredients at home to make tonight
  •  Knowing I was a big part in raising $10,000 for Children's Hospital
Ok - it is almost the weekend, and I have great things planned. Stuffing the lonely-hopeless-3-day-long-darkness back in it's cave... until next month.

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