Monday, June 4, 2012


The graduate(s): CONGRATULATIONS to my brothers, Brad & Johnny, who graduated from UMD, my pal, Charlotte, who graduated from UMB, and to my best friend, Meg, for getting her MASTERS from UMB!  So proud. It has been so much fun celebrating with everyone & reflecting on how far you have all come. I can't wait to see what all of your futures hold for you! This is such an incredible group of people - they all have worked SO hard to get to where they are. WAHOO!!!

The fort: Rainy days + no money + desire to to something awesome just the two of us = the most AMAZING, incredible, awesome fort I have ever seen. Tyler usually doesn't like making a mess, but he completely surprised me by turning the couches on their sides & getting so creative! We built a fun fort with all of the blankets & pillows in the house, and Tyler, Ebony & I hung out all Saturday night watching movies & eating snacks. We even spent the night in there Saturday night - so fun. And since it's going to be rainy & gross all week, I somehow convinced Tyler to leave it up. :-)

The photo shoot: We had our engagement photoshoot with our wedding photographers over Memorial Day weekend, and we had a BLAST. These guys completely calmed our nerves & just allowed us to be US. We had so much fun. Here are some of their favorites from their blog: Hayley & Tyler: Engagement Shoot

The bedroom: I'm giving myself a project in the hopes I can beat any post-wedding blues: make over the bedroom. I'm taking inspiration from this post from cupcakes & cashmere and want our bedroom to reflect a more grown-up, calm and serene place (rather than it's current look - clothes EVERYWHERE). I think new bedding, updates pictures, and moving a few things around will make it feel new & special.

The family: With all of the graduating happening this past few weeks, I've gotten a chance to see lots of family. We even got to skype with Tyler's mom & brother this weekend, which was great. I've been thinking about his parents a lot - they are in the midst of figuring out what to do now that all of their boys are out of the house, which is both exciting and scary. I'm sending them good thoughts & hope they know that we love & miss them!

The wedding: Invites going out this week/next, hair trial this week, SOMETHING FUN on the 16th, food tasting on the 21st... gotta finish crafts... oh! Tyler & I made the table numbers, they came out great. LOTS to do. Need to make another list. 97 days!!!! Can you believe it?!?!

The dog: Well, we brought Ebony to the vet and we got in trouble. Little Ms. Big Booty Judy is now on a diet - and has to go back in 3 weeks for a weigh-in! What a chubby kid. Bad parenting. :-(

I think that is it for now. Happy Monday!

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