Monday, August 20, 2012


Dear Lady I Gave The Finger To On The Highway,

I'm sorry. You were riding my bumper and being rude, but that was no reason for me to be foul. We were both stuck in the same yucky Monday morning traffic. I hope you have a good day today.

Dear Mondays,

Most people don't like you because you end their weekend. I don't like you because of Monday Meetings. I hope one day we can be friends. But not today.

Dear New Salon Location,

I'm sure when you open you will be great. But until then, you kinda suck. And it isn't your fault.

Dear Wedding Crafts,

You are no longer cool. Hurry up & be done, and then all you have to do is look good on 9/9 and we are through.

Dear People Who Don't RSVP,

It's really rude. REALLY rude. Thanks for putting more on my to do list, as I now have to call you & have an awkward conversation. I know you probably aren't coming, but you still need to RSVP.

Dear Hayley,

Gosh girl, you seem pretty riled up for 10am on a Monday. Breathe. Relax. Workout tonight, or walk the beach. Cross a few things off the to-do list, and then chill. Give yourself a break for yesterday (when you were unproductive). R-e-l-a-x. The next few weeks are going to fly by.
Dear Aruba,

See you in three weeks.

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