Monday, March 5, 2012

This is a test. Can I wake up earlier?

This has been on every goal list, wish list, to do list, new years resolution. I WANT TO WAKE UP EARLIER & HAVE A MORNING. I am going to try & wake up, walk my dog, cook & eat a hot breakfast WITH coffee, shower, dry my hair... etc. Maybe even throw in a workout. I want to be the kind of person who can do that. On the rare occasion that I have, I have had AMAZING, PRODUCTIVE days where I was less stressed, easy to get along with, and happy. I'm doing some research & trying to come up with a game plan so I can get this done.

1. No snooze
2. Set an alarm for bed time (or "get ready for bed" time)
3. It takes 3 weeks to make a habit
4. Do not rationalize
5. Reward yourself

ok - #1? Dangerous, but might work. I snooze A LOT. Like, I set my alarm for weird times because I factor in the snooze. Maybe just forcing myself to wake up to ONE alarm without giving an option for snooze will get me out of my bed...

#2 - this is a good idea in theory, but it might stress me out. I can just see 10pm coming with an alarm and feeling like I HAVE to get to bed and i HAVE to fall asleep RIGHT NOW... which sounds like it would actually keep me up.

#3 - I will give this project 3 weeks to see if I can actually make this a habit and not just a novelty "ok I will wake up today, but next Monday will be too rough & I will snooze." 3 weeks. Till end of March.

#4 - Hah - this is sooo me. "My hair is fine, I can wear it in a bun today, so I can sleep 15 more minutes..." "I'm not hungry, 10 more minutes & no breakfast..." "I can sleep in & snooze 20 more minutes because..."

#5 - With breakfast - yummy turkey bacon, eggs, english muffin. Special creamer. A new scarf. New earrings. New playlist on ipod.

A Typical Morning (Now)
Alarm. 7am. Snooze. Alarm. 7:05am. Snooze.  Alarm. 7:10am. Snooze. Alarm. 7:15am. Snooze.Alarm. 7:20am. Snooze. Alarm. 7:25am. Snooze.Alarm. 7:30am. Snooze. Alarm. 7:35am. Wakeup. Oh crap, snoozed too long. Grab outfit that isn't the cutest, put on just the basics makeup quickly, pretend my hair looks stylishly messy, yell at the dog to hurry up & pee outside, grab keys, phone, yogurt, coffee, brush teeth, out the door. 8:12am. Whew.

A Typical Morning (In Three Weeks)
Alarm. 6:15am. Open eyes. Get out of bed, make bed. Turn on TV to morning shows. Throw on sneakers & sweatshirt. Brisk walk with dog outside. Come back in, jump in shower. Wash hair, shave legs. Come out of shower, make & eat breakfast (mmm turkey bacon). Drink coffee while watching morning show. Get dressed, do makeup, blow dry hair. Brush teeth. Grab lunch, big lemon water, keys. Out the door at 8:05am. Sigh. Smile.

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