Monday, July 16, 2012

R.A.K Challenge!

Thanks to Lindsey over at pillow thought for inspiring a great challenge - Random Acts of Kindness.

R.A.K is a "random act of kindness" - Lindsey provides little cards that you print out in the hopes that once you do a RAK for someone, they pass it on! There are lots of fun & creative ways that you can do something nice for someone, and I think this world (especially Boston) needs a little more NICENESS.

I've done one so far - and it wasn't as "magical" as I had hoped, hah! I saw this girl walking down the street with her dog, and she tripped a bit over the leash and dropped & spilled her whole iced coffee. I quickly rummaged through my purse and found a "RAK" card & a few dollars & ran up to her & said, "I just saw that you dropped your coffee, here's one on me." She looked at me like I was trying to push POOP in her hands and backed away (almost scared!) saying "No, no! Oh, no! No..." but I persisted (am I creepy?) and said, "It's OK, it's a random act of kindness... I'm doing this, so now you pass it on." She took it, I can't even recall if she thanked me, and I walked on.

I felt good - handing her the card helped, because even if I totally freaked her out, hopefully later when she read the card, so got what was going on. (I swear I gave the poor girl a heart attack. Maybe I was too excited??)

I want to do more of these.

I read somewhere that EVERYTHING we do is selfish, even helping others. Because why do we help others? It makes us feel good. That statement doesn't bother me. I sometimes think that it's GOOD to be selfish. And if helping others is being selfish? Well gosh. That's just fine with me. I like feeling good, especially when others do, too.

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