Friday, August 19, 2011

Craft Party w/New Friends!

I recently helped out my best friend get ready for a surprise party she is throwing her parents by having her & some of her co-workers over for a craft party. We made little favors & garland, and I can't help but think about when we are going to start making things for my wedding! I LOVE crafts.Well,  I love when they come out perfect. Which they did!

paper heart garland

I am so thrilled with our new apartment that it was really fun having guest over. Jackie had been over a few nights before and brought my flowers, and Tyler brought some home from Trader Joes last night so I had fresh flowers everywhere, completely not planned! I tried to stay VERY simple with food since we just moved and still have some boxes in the dining room... but learned, in retrospect, that finger foods (skewers, popcorn, etc.) would have been easier, since our hands were almost always occupied! Using a knife to cut cheese was a bit inconvenient.

Here's what's on the menu:

cucumbers, baby carrots, and red, green & yellow bell peppers
with either
tzazaiki dill dip
caramelized onion dip

cabot cheddar
goat chevre w/raspberries & wild maine rasperry honey drizzle

roasted veggie pizza
3 cheese pizza

&, of course, 3 buck chuck from TJs.

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