Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I often let myself down, and in letting myself down, I drag myself down to a dark place, where all I can do it sit on my couch, frozen, imobilized, afraid. I start to spiral, and feel bad about feeling bad, and feel guilty about feeling bad that I feel bad, and then getting anxious about feeling guilty that I feel bad about feeling bad - ENOUGH.

I'd like to put a stop to this, and with that said, I am going to start posting small, tiny, acheivable goals. Goals that I can reasonably acheive, and my promise to myself is that even if I don't, I will not beat myself up.

Yesterday, I had 2 goals.

#1: Refill your waterbottle at least 6 times.
#2: Make it through an entire 90 minute hot yoga class - even if that means just sitting on my matt.

I did it - and really felt accomplished. Yoga once a week (at least) is going to be a goal of mine. As I think of more, I will write them here.

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