Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wifey To Be - update (or part two)

Here is an update of this post.

1. Shaving my legs - Ok we will have to ask Tyler how I'm doing on this one. I feel like I should get a B+ for effort. 80% of the time I am smooth as a baby's bum. But c'mon, who shaves in the winter? Right? Right?

2. Speaking kindly - I am TRYING on this one. Speaking kindly is something I want to come naturally and as second-nature to me, but I know that will take a lot of effort. Sometimes, after I am rude, I then say how I should have said it, in a much nicer, calmer tone. Does that count?

3. Clean up after myself - I think I am doing the best on this one. I do laundry and clean the house daily. I don't make the bed, though. That is my next goal!

4. Hm... I don't know how I've done here. I'll have to ask him, I think I sortof forgot about this one.


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